Urgent Care vs. ER
June 30, 2017

Center for Fracture & Trauma

ROC’s trauma department is an important provider to the Reno/Sparks area. We handle 75% of all trauma emergencies. We have four trained trauma doctors that are all on call and ready to help any time that they are needed. We specialize in adult and pediatric fracture management and caring for trauma injuries in both children and adults. We also provide advanced treatment options for difficult fracture problems including the pelvis, acetabulum, spine, and articular fractures of the hip, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and ankle. We also provide reconstructive options for fractures that fail to heal properly including non-union surgery, deformity correction, arthroplasty (joint replacement) and application of modern Orthobiological stimulants. If you were in a trauma related injury and would like a consult with out team and find the doctor that is right for you.